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NAME: Tanaka Koki
AGE: 23
DATE OF BIRTH: November 5, 390 AE
HOMETOWN: Anzio, Vienesse
CURRENT LOCATION: Bursa, Turhal, with Tegoshi.

FAMILY: Father, Mother, 1 older brother, 3 younger brothers
OCCUPATION: Carpenter, Bosun's Mate, General Crew on The Gryphon

{ tanaka koki
If you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?
ROMANTIC INCLINATION: Ladies with experience to match his.
DISLIKES: People who are cruel to animals, shoddy craftsmanship, The Gryphon's first mate, Jin, sea urchin, cake of any kind
LIKES: Animals, good beer, onsen, tormenting The Gryphon's first mate, Jin, beautiful craftsmanship
HABITS: Mothering some of The Gryphon's crew, being in varying states of undress, touching himself
FEARS: Dying before he can see his parents again, horses

Koki is loyal to a fault and will take younger members of the crew under his wing and make sure they have the skills to survive in an environment such as The Gryphon since most of them are essentially pressed into service or taken off the streets. If you cross him or one of those that he considers under his protection, you can expect a reckoning. He values his freedom and his independence above all else and when he’s not onboard, Koki is a bit of a hedonist. He spends a lot of his time in the redlight districts, blowing off steam and unwinding from the stress that comes with his position on the ship.

EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 171cm

Dark hair, dark eyes and skin slightly tanned from the elements and life aboard an airship, Koki stands at about average height. His build is lean but muscular thanks to his occupation and genes. Always seen wearing loose fitting pants, worn but comfortable knee boots, a random long sleeved shirt and a vest with a large hood. At his throat is a small pendant that bears Johnny’s mark, letting others know that he is part of Johnny’s crew. His monkey, Shishi is never far from him, usually taking up residence in his hood or on his shoulder.


Second eldest son of five boys. Father is a carpenter, Mother is a seamstress, the boys were or are apprenticed to their father and have learned their father’s skill. Koki was the only one to pick up sewing from his mother, mostly basic repairs and modifications. (If given the time and tools, he could probably do a dress or waistcoat/jacket.)

Generally an active and happy kid, but he had big dreams. He got bored easily and did get into trouble and by the time he was sixteen, he was restless and obsessed with adventure and airships. He found himself wanting to get out of the city and the local ports and docks were his way out. Koki signed on to a merchant airship, with his carpentry skills he was put on as the ship’s carpenter’s mate and also made to learn basic sailing/piloting.

Koki spent two years serving on a merchant ship, but he grew bored. It wasn’t the life of adventure he thought it would be, sure airships were great, but he didn’t have any freedom. He made it back home to his family, staying for a while and then signed on for his third voyage. His mother presented him with a coat that she had tailored just for him. It still remains as one of his most treasured possessions.

Half way though his third voyage, the merchant ship was attacked by pirates. Most of the crew, including the Captain were killed. Koki was one of several survivors that were given an ultimatum by the pirate captain, either he could join up or he could be sold off into slavery. Thinking he’d get a chance at adventure and more importantly not wanting his freedom taken away, he opted to sign on with the pirate ship.

Now he sails with Johnny’s crew and has for years, learning different positions on the ship and gaining ranks and attaining the position of Bosun’s Mate, making him the next in line for the position of Bosun.

There are days when he wonders if he’ll ever go home or be free to do as he wants, but he knows that won’t happen until the Captain lets him go. So Koki waits, looking for his chance to at least go ashore and hopefully see his family, just to let them know that he’s not dead.


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