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NAME: Ikari Mitsuo
ALIAS: Hitsugi
AGE: 25
DATE OF BIRTH: March 5, 388 AE
HOMETOWN: Nara, Kodaira

FAMILY: Mother, Father
OCCUPATION: Head of Security on the Ladon

{ hitsugi
“At times the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough. and what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps of a journey."
AFFILIATION: Lawful Neutral
ROMANTIC INCLINATION: A kind hearted person who he can protect and take care of.
DISLIKES: Bullies, watered down whiskey, weak opponents, weak willed people, bananas, bullshit jobs
LIKES: Cats, good whiskey, strong opponents, helping others, tattoos and piercings, running
HABITS: Smoking, oral fixation thanks to his piercings, morning rituals
FEARS: Failing his duties on board the ship, being unable to provide for his parents, being unable to protect those that are closest to him.

Soft-spoken and gentle in nature, Hitsugi hides those aspects behind his fierce looks and the persona that he has built for himself as the resident head of security for the Ladon. He takes his job seriously, using his looks more often than not, to achieve the results he was looking for, keeping unruly pirates in line. However that doesn’t always work and from time to time he is required to use force to put down trouble. When he does, those on the receiving end don’t get up and walk out on their own power.

The “bouncer” is left at the door when his shift is over, the makeup, contacts and hair are all swept away revealing a sweet, somewhat shy young man. He’s affectionate, silly, and cares deeply for his friends and those that he considers extended family. Extremely loyal, Hitsugi will do what is required or asked of him with in reason. He does not follow blindly, if he doesn’t agree with something, he will voice it.

Family is very important to him, he takes care of own parents from afar, sending them a good portion of his pay to his parents and visiting when he can.

HEIGHT: 164cm
MODIFICATIONS: Two tattoos, a dragon on his shoulder and arm and a pair of koi on his calf, from knee to ankle, then the following piercings, bridge, two pairs snakebites, lip ring, labret, eyebrow ring, tongue pierceing, an assortment of piercings in his ears

Behind Hitsugi’s small stature and lean frame, hides a force to be reckoned with. When he’s working, dark hair is worked into a combination of blond, pink and black dreads that frame his baby face. Makeup encases his eyes and lips, black contacts with iris colored circles make his eyes look bigger than they are and more alien. Add to this several facial piercings, consisting of a labret, two sets of snakebites, a lip ring, bridge piercing, one in his eyebrow and an assortment at his ears. He chooses to dress in flowing pants that are almost like hakama with flashy tops and short sleeved jackets. This usually hides any number of weapons on his person but his weapon of choice are his metal Escrima sticks and those are always on his person at any given time, usually stowed at the small of his back for ease of access.

When he’s not working, he strips away the makeup, hair and contacts, leaving behind a slight boy with short black hair and piercings that favors t shirts, oversized hoodies and baggy pants with his favorite pair of boots.

Hitsugi has two tattoos which are rarely seen, both sets of ink have deep meaning for him, the first of these is a dragon on his upper right arm and shoulder, wrapping around to his collar bone, surrounded by a sakura tree and petals. The second is a pair of koi that are elaborate and encase his right calf from ankle to knee. It’s said that it’s a tribute to his western star sign. When asked about the dragon, he won’t say, only those closest to him know anything about it.


Hitsugi spent all of his childhood and a good chunk of his teen years training in a dojo. His mother was the caretaker and was a long time friend of its master, Sakaguchi Taku, while his father was a typical blue collar worker, maintaining and repairing the airships that would come into Nara’s docks, building them when he was needed in the various crews. Because of this, Hitsugi’s family was barely middle class, living in a small three room apartment, and relying on public transportation, but all in all, they were happy.

One thing that he was taught at an early age was to protect those who were weaker than you. Hitsugi fully believed it and the first time he implemented that belief, he’d intervened on Aki’s behalf, fighting off four other boys, all bigger than he was. Little did he know that the boy he’d helped that day, with that one act of kindness, would become his closest friend. By doing so, their little duo became a quartet, Aki befriending Nino though their mutual hobbies and both of them befriending Shige after coming to his aid when bullies decided that the bookish boy was an easy target.

By Hitsugi’s sixteenth year, his father had an accident in the shipyards. It left the older man wheel chair bound and Hitsugi’s mother had to care for her husband. They were getting a pension from the company, but it wasn’t enough. Hitsugi was still going to school and doing his mother’s caretaker job at the dojo, but it wasn’t helping either. They weren’t going to be able to survive and the boy knew it. With money being the main issue, Hitsugi quit school and was determined to find a job to help them out, but most of them didn’t pay. Fed up, he sought out street fights, placing bets on himself to increase his odds, always keeping his head and face covered, he managed to make good money, however at the expense of his face. Constantly coming home with the marks of his battles, his parents worried and his Master finally threw him out of the dojo because he wasn’t using his skills as he’d been taught.

This continued on for the next three years. Sure he earned money for his family, wore his cuts and bruises proudly and ignored all the disapproving looks he got from his friends and family. But he was burning out, his options for decent work were slim and he had no desire to go back to the very docks that took his father’s legs. He had given up and was going to look for a reputable job when Aki came to him and over dinner and several drinks, he’d told his friend what he’d done, what he’d built and then offered Hitsugi a job. Security for an entire ship was a lot to digest. Without a second thought, Hitsugi accepted his friend’s offer, taking to the skies and becoming part of the tight knit crew of the Ladon.

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