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NAME: Kenzo
ALIAS: None.
AGE: 17
DATE OF BIRTH: December 9, 396 AE
STARSIGN: Sagittarius
HOMETOWN: Londinum, Britannia
CURRENT LOCATION: In a small township of Britannia, about to stow away on the Ladon.

FAMILY: None, that he remembers clearly.
OCCUPATION: Street Rat, Thief, Survivor

{ kenzo
"It's hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head."
AFFILIATION: Chaotic Neutral
ROMANTIC INCLINATION: Not currently looking.
DISLIKES: Damp, Cold, Rain, Running out of tobacco, Yuusei being messed with, anyone that could be considered constabulary
LIKES: Yuusei, Thunderstorms, Sweet Tobacco, Snuggling, Being warm, Hard Cider, honey butter on fresh bread, sturdy knives
HABITS: Smoking, hand-rolling cigarettes, constantly having to do something with his hands, making weird faces
FEARS: Losing Yuusei, being abandoned, ghosts

A hard life has shaped much of Kenzo's personality. He lives by survival of the fittest, muscling his way into things and taking what he wanted for himself and Yuusei. At first, he seems slow and rough around the edges. Thick accent, neutral expressions and being slow on the uptake when dealing with others all contribute to this false first impression. In truth, Kenzo is one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet. Courageousness, loyalty and protectiveness are all parts of him, these facets becoming lost behind the walls that he's spent years building for himself. Sides that only Yuusei saw, sides that would soon be shared with others whether he liked it or not.

HEIGHT: 172cm
MODIFICATIONS: Ugly scars around both wrists.

Kenzo's hair is black, it comes to just below his shoulders and is undercut, which he mostly keeps pulled back out of his face. His eyes are dark and intelligent, always sharp, always taking in the details of his surroundings. Even a petty thief has to know where his escape routes lie. Favoring layers, he dresses in slightly oversized shirts with his pocketed vest over it that hits mid hip. Everything he needs, from tools to smuggling items to pocketing them, is kept in that vest and is always with him. Worn boots and simple pants with a leather belt round out his usual mode of dress. Kenzo has a hard time seeing things up close which he has a pair of lenses for, only wearing the ill fitting frames when he needs them.

His wiry body shows signs of hard living, scars and old wounds lace his arms, legs and torso. Most notably are the pair of ugly looking scars at his wrists, a holdover from his harsh childhood, which he keeps covered with armbands or the oversized shirtsleeves.


Born in the Londinium slums, his mother struggling to raise both him and his older sister, she found that she wasn't able to feed them both. At the age of six, his mother saw her chance to rid herself of the extra mouth to feed and make some money at the same time. She took him to one of the industrial areas and sold him to one of the factories who needed warm bodies to keep their production lines going.

Kenzo lasted three months, thanks to an older woman whose name he doesn't remember, taking care of him, making sure he stayed strong at her expense. She passed away shortly after Kenzo arrived, it had been an accident and she had gotten caught in one of the machines. After that, the boy spent the next few months planning escape. Being as small as he was, he escaped by reopening the wounds on his wrists and working his hands free of his shackles. Finding his way to the streets, Kenzo was having trouble just surviving, it wasn't long before the hungry and sick boy was picked up by a local gang of thieves and pickpockets known simply as Thom's Boys. The gang consisted of other children all ranging from four to twenty two, they were led by Thomas Kinsella, a man who made sure they all had the skills to survive and were useful to him.. Under his tutelage, the gang learned to pickpocket, pick locks, act as lookouts, run errands, small time smuggling, you name it, the group did it.

He found himself basically adopted into this rag tag family. Kenzo was taken in, fed, given shelter and even had his wounds taken care of. The wounds later became ugly scars which Kenzo would cover with long sleeves or whatever he could. In payment for their kindness, he stayed with them as they provided a safe place for someone so young.

At first, Kenzo's new family thought that he was slow. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. He didn't speak much, but his dark eyes were sharp, full of intelligence, always watching, he just couldn't properly express himself or articulate what he wanted. He was quirky and awkward but he took to what he was being taught, one could even say that he was good at it.

It was one such caper that he met Yuusei. Kenzo's crew had distracted a fruit vendor. He had been grabbing what he could when a hand snatched what he'd intended for himself. A boy, much smaller than Kenzo, pocketed his prize and simply walked off. At first it made him angry, and for whatever reason he'd worked out in his brain, he decided to follow the kid. After watching and waiting, he found the kid was on his own, anger melted and was replaced with kindness. Kenzo took it upon himself to be the boy's guardian weather he liked it or not and his persistence finally paid off, finally earning the boy's trust.

In the following years, the two of them became inseparable. Watching out for one another became second nature and eventually they learned to work together, Yuusei keeping mark busy and the Kenzo coming in and taking what they wanted. They'd long since graduated from crime born of necessity and moved on to crime for profit.

One night, Yuusei picked the wrong mark and things started to go south. Kenzo, fearing for his friend's life, attacked their mark and killed him. When it happened, Kenzo shut down, he doesn't remember what happened really after he dropped the knife. He just knew that he was with Yuusei and they were well on their way out of town, hoping to catch a lift on an airship to get out of Britannia, and putting the past behind them both.


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