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NAME: Kim Jongin
AGE: 18
DATE OF BIRTH: January 14, 395
STARSIGN: Capricorn
HOMETOWN: Seosan, Goryeo

FAMILY: Mother, Father (biological), Stepfather, Two Older Stepsisters
OCCUPATION: Freelance Mercenary/runebearer

{ kai
I'd rather bend than break.
AFFILIATION: Lawful Neutral
ROMANTIC INCLINATION: Not currently looking.
DISLIKES: Loud places, spending time with his biological family, liquor, being woken up before he's ready
LIKES: Dogs, reading, fried chicken, sleeping, spending time in a quiet place
HABITS: Touching and biting his lips, biting his nails, zoning out.
FEARS: Being abandoned.

Kai is bashful, shy, a little awkward, and tends to fade into the background. This, coupled with his habit of withdrawing into his own little world, is a holdover from his own childhood trauma. He sleeps a lot and can be hard to get up and make function. Kai doesn’t say much until you get to know him and even then he may not show you his true face. Once you win his trust, he opens up, becoming warm and even funny. He embarasses easily and can be extremely silly at times. Blunt to a fault, Kai won’t do something that he doesn’t want to do, you can’t make him, at least until he’s ready to do it. He doesn’t exactly take teasing well and when it’s too much, he first becomes terse and then aloof until he’s over it, usually these episodes don’t last long. He respects the bonds he has formed with his packmates. Kai is faithful and reliable to those he claims as family. They are precious to him, since he feels that doesn’t have anyone else but them.

HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 182cm
MODIFICATIONS: Rune on the left side of his neck, depicted as an eclipsed sun with a tribal corona.

Bronze skinned and not too tall, Kai seems unremarkable and average. Brown eyes are expressive, his body lithe while his dark brown hair is kept short, bangs fall across his forehead, fading back into the rest of the cut. His ears are unadorned. Kai hardly smiles, but when he does and it’s genuine, he has the ability to light up a room.

Kai dresses in tshirts and tank tops, bdus and a pair of heavy combat boots. Usually this ensemble is accompanied by his favorite jacket. He doesn’t keep weapons on him unless he’s working and even then it’s a small array of knives.


Born in the northern part of Goryeo, Kai lived with his mother and father. Life was far from easy for him at home, his father was abusive and would constantly turn on his mother. A finger was never lifted against the boy, but he received his share of verbal and mental abuse. The constant turmoil at home caused Kai to lead a solitary and lonely life. He was never the target of bullies or other kids, he just didn’t seem interested. He would shut down and go into his own little world or he would sleep, a defense mechanism against the trouble at home.

There was only peace when Kai’s father was out. He cherished the silence. But it was always shattered once his father returned home. The constant screaming, the tears, his mother’s pain when Kai’s father laid into her with his fist, it soon became too much. One night, Kai, who was no more than five, crawled into his closet and closed his eyes, wishing to be somewhere safe and quiet. Blessed silence greeted his ears and when he opened them, he found himself at a playground that wasn’t too far from where he lived with his parents. He felt disoriented and drained, where had he gone? One minute he was in the closet, the next he was out here. Then he remembered the fighting and his mother, he’d left her. Kai returned home, desperate to make sure his mother was okay. He found her a little worse for wear and starting to panic as she’d left his room and couldn’t find him. Her eyes met his and with a feeling of relief, she gathered him up and their things and never looked back.

The journey to the southern part of Goryeo was long. Kai’s personality seemed to open up and his mother finally asked about that night and where he’d gone. The boy confessed that he didn’t know, he’d just wished for quiet and suddenly he was outside the home. Before she could press further a Graybeard joined them, he introduced himself and then calmly explained that Kai was a runebearer and keeper of Continuum, the gate rune. He had been born with it and now the fully developed mark on the side of his neck was proof. The boy needed training and they could offer it. His mother wanted to think about it and the Graybeard said that he would return again for their answer. Kai simply snuggled into his mother’s side as she wrapped an arm around him for comfort. They had a lot to think about.

They didn’t get much time. Mother and son were barely settled when the Graybeard came for their decision. Kai was young, no more than five, almost six, and while his rune hadn’t awakened again, but without training he could hurt himself or others and they didn’t want to take any chances. Kai didn’t want to leave, he’d finally gotten his mother back, she was her old self, but she sent him with the Graybeard, it was for his own good, she had said. Kai felt abandoned and tried to convince himself otherwise by throwing himself into his training.

Because he was so young, his basic training took a year and a half. He was impatient to return to his family, but it wasn’t the same as he’d left it. Yes, his mother greeted him warmly, she really had missed him, but it wasn’t the same. While he had been gone, she had remarried and he now had two older sisters and a new father. They were strangers to each other, Kai wasn’t even sure he knew his mother anymore. What should’ve been a warm welcome home soured quickly. Kai withdrew again, when he didn’t want to deal with his family he would just port out, bide his time until he could go back to the guild, where he felt like he was wanted. His blood family didn’t feel like his family any longer.

Kai finally relocated completely to the Guild at the age of twelve, balancing school and training and occasionally spending time with his family, to whom he was now a complete stranger. He quit going to school around the same time Sehun did and forming solid friendships with both him and Chen. They were his family, after all.

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